Hey comm; This is one of my 70 something projects. They just need refinement and be produced as an album.

It's been over Months. But here I am. Listen to this and critic. Then I'll refine it and upload on Youtube:

Nice. And are these all royalty-free tracks?

yeah they are but so far only the percusion from 1:45, and synths saw from 2:07 are samples wheares other sounds I vsts and drums
eljoj wrote:
Thu Jul 23, 2020 1:54 pm
Hi !
I m proud to share with you my cover :
[url]https:/https://soundcloud.com/user-179875795/c ... l-west/url]

Hey, I am not familiar with the original song but great work with this song for me that's great man:D
I added a big room punchy kick in my mind for the discovery track
Hi, Gorphy I am not sure if this would help but I have seen it work for my tracks. Make sure you produce a song in the Daw when your PC volume is not too high. When one's PC volume is too high he tends to reduce volumes of instruments because it will sound too high. I am currently using earphones as...
Here is the taste of the upcoming set: the set will have some of my songs and also royalty-free samples.

In still in the LMMS factory: for the taste listen here: https://soundcloud.com/rolivhuwa-rakhunwana/2020-mix

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Hey Enkidu, Great work with the track, I think you did a good job. I'll add that I think the volume though it's a bit low to other songs, my best guess will be you made the song with a high PC volume so you kind of then decreased the volume of instruments and synths when mastering. yeah keep up the ...
Yeah No stress Brandystarbrite, The factory has many songs you may visit anytime