I am busy with a mix of my songs and royalty-free loops, Genres: EDM, Progressive House, Deep House, Tech House, Afro House, Electro House. The finished Mix should be available in four weeks max. Feel the taste https://soundcloud.com/rolivhuwa-rakhunwana/2020-mix comments are welcomed Cheers, Rolivh...
Hi, Araca Great work with the song; I like Dance songs so I'll advise from Dancing perspective. I personally think the mastering is good that you did with this song, but I think you made the song at high volume on your PC which probably guided you to decrease the volume of instruments and presets, o...

wow people really responded well for this one, what do you think?
Heys Guys Here is one of the Tracks in the package


What do you think of it?
Just enjoy guys:
and don't hesitate to comment, all comments are welcome
That some hala piano melody man: keep up the good work
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Thanks, Wil beats, much appreciate that, I took advice from this forum