Thank you so much Brandystarbrite, and I appreciate your advice
Hey guys, Please check my YouTube channel, It has some of my great songs ... subscriber
Hey guys, I just upgraded one of my previous Track

Critics are very welcome so I may upgrade it again. What do you think? ... sive-house

People have responded well on soundcloud
FilthyWizard wrote:
Thu Jun 18, 2020 10:31 pm
I like the build up around 1m30 to 1m40 and then it kicks in. I reckon it's danceable.

And again around 3min.

Oh, I quite like the end section too. That's nice.
Hi FilthyWizard thanks. Lekker
Hi Smolkat

Nice Trap song, the kick and melodies are great, maybe for the bass sub try this free 808 sub vst at high volume
cheers, keep up the good work
The Project is coming along what do you think: is it booming
Hey Reiodust, I see what you were doing with drops, on both parts, I think the lead especially that nice saw, should sound like it is passing through a hollow object, like changing frequency. like how this song: does at the beginning. please ...
Hello everyone, I was kinda laking of inspiration to make a DnB track then I've decided to try something else: why not Big Room :? I tried to make something a little dark with huge kicks and bass. I also included a bunch of new samples (I finally found cool big snares and cool white noise samplers)...