try and use more notes in the base.
Is there any comprehensive guide for zynaddsubfx?
I tried to see a few videos made by cubician, but those videos don't really go over all the knobs.
Image : ... sp=sharing

what do all these knobs mean?
Another thing I noticed, is that lmms' triple oscillator, is actually better than the one in FL studio. And makes better basses and trance basses too. I think slipstick mentioned this as well. gotta agree triple oscillator is actually really good. In recent days I've been able to make a size-able l...
@gps why linux? why not windows?
Quick question, if you own Ableton Live then why would you want to come back to LMMS? is LMMS better/superior?
Are there any major artists using LMMS?
From what I last noticed, even cubician does not use LMMS nowadays.
It's a simple question, why chose lmms as your first option? Why not just get the latest albelton from some shady website or try cracked version of fl studio and then later on pay and use the legal version once you start making money? I mean nobody will notice in your tracks that you've used an ille...
no, problems, I found out the cause,
So I was producing off a hard drive(because I like to have my projects and vsts in one place such that I can carry it around) and unfortunately I was of of space and I didn't even know.
OK, so I was using lmms while it crashed and well, as usual I selected the option " recover project" and when I tried to save it in the same name as the project I was working on, The program crashed again, and this time it corrupted my previous file as well, hence I lost one project, as th...