So this is my second ever remix, I think I'm pretty happy with the outcome, the mixing maybe needs some help but I can't put a finger on what exactly is the problem. As usual any feedback is appreciated.
So if you remember last week I stared a new channel on yt (well repurposed an existing one) and this is week 2 of what will hopefully last for eternity, anyways this week I've tried to focus on the mix and sound design, Instead of just taking care of the different elements clashing in the frequency ...
Hey guys, I've started a new project on youtube and that is to upload a drop every week, this serves two purposes: one gets me to do something productive and two its a testing ground for me to check what people are liking and what people aren't liking. youtube: Please ch...
D-Mitry wrote:
Fri Apr 17, 2020 4:05 am
That was beautiful!!! The melody! Nice singing too! So professional! I would buy that. Sounds like the lead single on an album. also, i like the cover art for the song.

Thankyou so much!

P.S: sorry for replying so late, I'm not very regular on the forums.
So this is what I think your problem is: your default instrument on the sf2 plugin is a piano, and to change that you can go to settings and edit it.

If this sounds too.complex to you try downloading (if you don't aldready have) a guitar soundfont and then check if you're getting the desired sound.
Hey Orlando, I've been using ample guitar for a few months now, I've never faced any issues, sometimes dragging and dropping midi stops working momentarily on certain tracks, it's happened with 3x oscillator as well. I would suggest opening up the midi and then coming back out and retrying. If this ...
okay, so I gave the wrong link for my song( the link given is a 24 second preview).
Is there any way to change it?

Lol, just wanted to see what happens when you pretend to do a challenge. bored of listening to good music? you've come to the right place: okay, actual facts: It's been over two years since I uploaded my last song so like please tell me what you think of ...
great track, but I think that a sub is missing in the drop, It seems to be missing some crucial low end.
great track! loved it.
after looking at the amount of talent that some producers are bringing into BOL 7, I've decided to wait another year, practice and compete next year. :P