Another thing to do is join the discord server at A lot of our developers are very active there for any questions or pointers you might have getting familiar with the codebase.
I'm a bit confused is there any instrument plugins that outside of the default LMMS supported and actually work? Not talking about VST's or other plugins that need wine. There's no mention of this on the documentation, some of the wiki pages seem outdated. For example I've seen mention of Helm, Sur...
For those of us using Linux what are the best supported Midi Keyboards and Instruments ? Is there a particular brand that supports Linux very well, I would like to know as well. For example I've heard of Akai but I'm not sure of it. If they are class compliant, they should work. Whether or not fanc...
Does anyone else here receive any feedback, or when they do, do they receive negative and also do not gain followers? I have 2 followers on my YouTube channel with 22 songs, never leave that, is anyone else in this situation? I don't usually get public feedback, sometimes I wish I did. Usually I ha...
Piano drum and bass. Hmm
vortexsupernova wrote:
Fri Jan 22, 2021 9:26 am
All are very well done!
Pretty sweet! Always an internet classic
I'm getting close to the end of these older project files. I told myself I can't start any new projects until these are finished... They've been sitting too long, time to just gear up and get it done.

Here's Drastic. It might be drastic.
Hi, this is a frequently requested feature. Here is a link to the existing related meta issue on the Github issue tracker:

It's been there since 2014, to give you an idea of how slow the project moves sometimes.
It seems you forgot to include a link!