Any Idea where I can find a good tutorial on how to make sense of all the knobs?
And where can I report problems that I encountered while using tone z? Can I post them here?
ooh! thanks, now it makes sense!
Okay, So I've got a new VST plugin called firebird and the GUI by itself does not have any sort of preset saving function, so I used the save preset option available on the first 'page' that you encounter while opening a VST. So I had two file extension options .fxp&.fxb but after saving the pre...
oh, thanks a lot!
here we go, so if you import a MIDI file and play it, the tempo changes according to the MIDI file's BPM but later after you delete the file(i.e. the midi file) the BPM is set I cannot change it manually. Although you can automate the BPM to change the BPM manually. Also if you import another MIDI f...
Oh My God, absolutely loved it, I've not heard something like this in a long while, reminds me a bit of illenium , nevertheless its an amazing track, but I did notice that at about 2:33 the change between the super saws and the other melodic element( which I'm guessing is a plucky piano of some sort...
Thanks a lot!
Here's my new song, it's called mello pluck, hope you like it:
Recently I've been watching a lot of sound design tutorials and a lot of them talk about changing format . Does lmms have an inbuilt method to change formant? and could someone give me the basics about what exactly is format shifting, because ive seen the knob in ZynAddSubFx, but unfortunately I can...
In one word it's LIT
Are the effects in the baground part of some package??
How did you get those sounds??
I'm into this I need a breakdown!