Right now struggling with the drums.

Then the portamento part is last.

There are two synths used at least in fade to grey. One we know for sure, its the polymoog, because the minimoog was missing. :P
Yes it does, but it has been fixed.

Its the part were he starts to sing.
I like Atomic - Blondie, I think you captured the spirit.
I have noticed that most VST often have a limited range were they sound really good.

For piano I mostly use 4front piano. Good enough to make house.

Does this also happen if you use one one of the build in synths?

Or maybe Synth1 ?

Your midi controller only send midi data, which LMMS can record. It does not make sound.
It been a while , so I don't remember exactly how to set it it up. I do remember us having to use an ini or exe file, so the banks will show up. Installation A case to use for the first time You carry out setting initialization tool "initsettings.exe" in the directory same as this file. Th...
Did you run the .exe file ?

There is a manaul in not so good english, with the synth.
brandystarbrite wrote:
Sun Jun 20, 2021 6:26 pm
What is the name of your youtube channel Gps?

Thank you :)
On my gaming headset Sennheiser, that track ( The party )

The bass is a bit too much. Its one reason why I want studio monitors.
Gaming headets are very likely to do some bass boosting :P
I think it already sounds very good.