Sounds good :)
I have been thinking about a studio headphone, and I might get one.

Sad you have some hearing loss, but at least you found a way around it. :)
Well if it works on Ubuntu, it most likely will work on openSUSE too or can be made to work. Bitwig offering a deb file is an issue, but not something that cant be solved. OpenSUSE uses rpm, but I already know of a program, that can make an .rpm file out of a .deb file. I might try some of those plu...
Fingers crossed :)
I have not tried reaper myself, but yes I am on Linux, openSUSE tumbleweed to be specific. I saw they claim to support Linux, I have no idea if it needs wine for that. (I hope not) About Linux. Linux is only a kernel. (no desktop) All Linux you read about like Arch, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, ope...
omg a daw that supports wine, :)

I had already heard of the first plugin :)
LOL well I might have to admit I like a lot of what james brown made.
16 gig is more then enough, having multiple chrome tabs open is asking for trouble, as you say, its a ram hog.
I will be already happy if I can make my drum tracks sound better.

I won't be easy, but increasing the velocity on the first beat already helps.
Don't you have a friend that can do it ? Upgrade the ram ? Or otherwise go to some local computer shop and ask them to do the upgrade. How much ram do you have now ? 8 gig ram should be enough, 4 gig can be enough if the projects are not too big and you don't use many VST. You need to know what your...