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Monospace- Music
Last post by Monospace « Tue Mar 05, 2024 10:43 am
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How has Cubase workflow / useability improved since v6?
New Breakbeat Old Skool Style Music Created On Lmms
Firewhole - Death Power (LMMS Opus Official Release)
IIR - Gunslinger (LMMS Opus)
Been using LMMS for about 10 years and I love it!
Last post by musikbear « Sat Mar 02, 2024 7:00 pm
Replies: 5
Music Project coop ideas
Last post by musikbear « Sat Mar 02, 2024 6:45 pm
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Sós Hivatal
Last post by oli12 « Sat Mar 02, 2024 11:08 am
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My first LMMS song - Troubled Bushes
My keyboard has just 4 notes : Lazy Arpeggios
Is there a 'Howd they do that" focused sub?
What is your favorite hobby?
Glowing pop party
Last post by winhoood « Tue Feb 27, 2024 8:18 am
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I made a remix from an iPhone ringtone...
Last post by luizjames « Tue Feb 27, 2024 7:43 am
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Would you share your masterpiece?
Last post by musikbear « Mon Feb 26, 2024 4:15 pm
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It's summer time but also SPRING time !
Last post by jeffreestar « Mon Feb 26, 2024 2:02 am
Replies: 9
What are music production courses missing/lacking?
Ruining a certified LMMS classis
Celestial Navigator
Last post by Foggy « Fri Feb 23, 2024 4:50 am
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My life projects
I made a rap beat
Why were the pyramids built?
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