New User Manual (pdf) available for download

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Hi all,

A comprehensive User Manual (161 pages, 9.30 MB) is available for download in the "Files" section.

Edited Nov 18, 2015 fixed link - tresf

In future version, this manual will be bundled with LMMS.
The manual may be updated more frequently, with enriched content.
The latest posting will be announced at this forum.

Your comments for improving the manual are most welcome.
Also, do let me know if you want me to address any topic in the manual.

Some information in the manual is still missing (especially about plugins).
If you have any of that information, please share. Thanks in advance!

Whhooooooooaaa awesome! Thanks, I can finally get some offline help. :P
So exactly when is the LMMS version with the manual bundled coming? Is it really years we are talking about?
Looks neat. And does a good job of covering the software. I wonder if it was made in Scribus? (If so, I might offer to do a little help with proofreading/editing.)

Seems to be a few spots where I'd tweak alignment (particularly in table padding where it seems cramped), and perhaps put in a page break or tweak spacing a little if the automatic breaks leave only a single line on the next page. Just to fix some typesetting stuff that bugs me, like not leaving unnececcary orphans if it can be helped. It's good for the most part, but could still be made a little more professional looking.

Some things I'd add? Simple markers (possibly color coded and offset) that bleed off the page for each section, so you could thumb the edge to find sections faster. Make the page count a multiple of 4, such that double sided printing could produce a center fold booklet directly from the .pdf reader without any weird glitches. Blank pages to make that work would be left for "notes" or whatever. Not exactly necessary, but it would be a nice touch.

Another thing is I'd change "unlimited" to "virtually unlimited", although it's highly unlikely, somebody out there just might be crazy enough with automation tracks or whatever and hit a memory ceiling or exceed some value like 32768 or such. Might also make mention of the tradeoffs of doing certain things a certain way too, stuff like how global automations aren't readily visible to the user or are easily cleared (at least until it gets fixed in some future version) and stuff like that.

The rest of the text along with diagrams and illustrations seems fairly good. No major complaints.

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