Welcome to the forum!
I like to list all those links that could be of interest to all new LMMS-users!
Heres the most important LMMS links:

Here is our main page. You can find links to everything connected to LMMS, if you start here:
LMMS homepage https://lmms.io/

Our wiki is also the LMMS user-manual
LMMS Wiki - documentation about the program https://lmms.io/documentation/
In 2021 it is replaced with an updated new gitBook:

LSP - Is dedicated site for sharing projects, presets, themes and more. You can find hundreds of goodies here, and you may use these as you like, unless the uploader has retained some rights:

LMMS on IRC-chat
LMMS' IRC : #lmms on Freenode.
LMMS on Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/5kSc32Z

The site you currently on: The Forum - This is our dedicated page for help on problems, inspiration, presentations, information and for discussion of anything related to LMMS : https://lmms.io/forum/

LMMS on the social media
You can present your finished tracks on soundCloud:
Soundcloud no longer supports groups, so our is gone :/ -But it is preferred that you use a site like Soundcloud, youTube or glyp. Very few will download a large wave or mp3, just to give you constructive criticism.

LMMS is on facebook:
LMMS Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/makefreemusic
This is not a good place for any questions.

LMMS on youTube
LMMS Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/LMMSOfficial

Aaaand there is a Google+ group:
LMMS Google+ community http://goo.gl/CxzpNI

If you feel like introducing yourself to the community, like telling a little about yourself, and the music you like, and or make, we also have a thread for that:

Rules for our Forum
There are a few basic 'rules' for our forum.
Please read and follow this:

Please do not reply to very old topics. Most of these old topics are either not relevant anymore, or the OP will never see it. Grave-digging is almost always not a good idea.

It is also preferred that you open a new topic for every new question! So please to not make bundled topics.

Also, do not act hostile against anyone :) If you think someone does something wrong, please report it, do not do anything on your own.
Please never ever post a reply to someone that spams the forum, just use the report-button, and we will take care of the spammer.

Do not post political statement in your signature, and do not use political a.o ideology promoting symbols or emblems as your avatar. LMMS-forum is not a place for that.

All kind of derogatory content, is of cause forbidden! So is links to any of that kind, both in posts, and in signatures.

You are allowed to use images in your signature, but keep them moderate in size. At max 300*300 px

You are most welcome to participate in all aspects of LMMS development!
If you have any questions or problems, also about participating, just use this forum!

If you like to introduce yourself to the community, there is also a thread for that

Finally i will just explain a couple of the things that most often is asked, by our new users:

How to insert pictures in the posts.
You need to upload the picture to either your own homepage, or to one of the imagehost-services like imgur
When you have done that, you copy the address of the image to your clipboard, and here in forum you insert a image-tag

That is the 9. button from left!
Paste the clipboard content between the tags

Code: Select all

That will insert the image in your post.

How to properly link to external demos
Quite often people asks about a specific sound or instrument on-line. I would estimate that ~80% of these request are without the necessary infomation :p
When you ask these kind of questions, please..
Do insert a timestamp!
So like
In https://www.youtube.com/enhance?feature ... HXtFHFOmBA How to make the short sound @ 2:26
Then you wont have to re-post that later :P

Posting with Attachments
Our forum accepts projects as attachments in the form of MMPZ files!
You find the Upload button here

Using private messages
Lets finish with how you can communicate with friends!
For that, the board has an Private-Messenger PM function.
Please do not send PMs to MODs unless we ask you too, or as answers to PMs we send to you.

To use PM:
* Click on the recipients name
That opens the profile for that person
Just under the persons profile-image, you will see "Contact >user<"
-and under there "Send Private Message"
Click on that, and write your message.
You can add more recipients, so you can send a group-message.

If you like to introduce yourself, to the community, we have a special thread for that:

With all that : Welcome!