Yeah pretty much. I need to be able to load up a .wav player with files on a per note basis. It will help when sequencing and recording tracks. so like on an m-audio keyboard it would be if i divided it up into 4 midi channels each note in the .wav octave would play a different sound.

this will help so much when we want to make tracks.

Also, we really do need a ton of premade tracks to remix in MIXXX. It will just take days and days to make even a single track on the computer.

we need to restructure our computer to be more like a synth. like a jd-xi or like an 808. and bugfix everything. so if you can get the workflow in lmms and hydrogen and rosegarden to be more like a synth, with mackie control it should be pretty easy.

so we need lots of banks for minimal techno, hard house, acid house, trance, etcetera and the ability to easily (no click) make our own sound banks or load new sounds from our computers onto those banks. and we also need to preview the sounds click free. so we need to use our midi controllers with our computers as though they were part of the same instrument.

holy hell this is gonna be fun when it's complete. but just think of the computer as nothing more than a synth when we want it to be. we need to navigate and load sound banks quickly and intuitively via mackie and midi control.

So i can load my drums in hydrogen, my other stuff in lmms and then .wav files in lmms so i can do different thits througout the song.

yeah, it will work

.wav sound banks