Model analog circuitry, and then do a full digital version.
When working with wavetables, what you can do is this. Use a comparator circuit to compare the two voltages at any given point on the circuit, store that measurement as a long value and then use a ton of loops and math to automatically change the voltage over time so that the wave table can morph over time. It will make it easy to set up because you can take two arbitrary patches and automatically have a wavetable. When you get this done, try this.

Use VCVRack to set up synth patches that modulate the way that the wave table is shaped. so you modulate frequency and amplitude of change with what amounts to a mono synth patch.

and then we can even set up stuff so that on a midi keyboard channel 1 2 3 4 are different and we can connect them and slide using an automated wave table.

and then normalize the volume on all of your built in synths so they are the same volume.