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Slides in piano roll would be nice.
Unless there is already a way to achieve this effect and I'm just not clever enough?
well, it depends
LB302 and from 0.4.8 also zynAddSubFX has portamento posibillities. So direct setting slide-notes on piano-roll -as in FL-studio, is not posible, but if you use either of the two plugings LB302 or zynAddSubFX, you can have portameto /glissando 'slides' on your notes.
If you install VSTige instruments, most of these has setting for porta, but with these instruments you cant automate anything.

look at this :)

Thre's an example for a kind of sliding in the B+B-Editor by using an automation on 1/64 ... haven't know this before :D

Thanks to SuperLinuxAudioGuru
super! :D I diddent knew that 0.4.8 fixed that bug. Earlier version hanged if detune mode was atempted. Obs that VSTige type instruments cant use detune mode.
Great find!
A Slide function like in FL-Studio would be useful - at least for creating MIDIs.