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1 - The ability of cutting Samples as well as moving them with 1/2,1/16,1/32..ect like Q in Piano Roll within 4-4 Time Sig, that will spare a lot of time and work.
2 - Been able to change the Beat like Other sounds without affecting the existing one, i mean instead of cloning the Beat to change it just clicking on the same full colored square and change the beat.
3- Animation copy/past
That's for now and English for my sorry
Selartos wrote:
Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:35 pm
1 & 2 are requested many times, and will come

3: What animations? If you actually mean Automation, then it used to be a feature, but is bugged at the moment
Ups yes i mean Automation. Thank you for the reply, i wait and hope i could help with