So... the Comb Filter is awesome. It's a lot like a controlled Flanger. One of my favorite effects.

But, I feel we can take things a lot further. I think if we could pull this off, it would really spice things up when these effects are used.

So, my first and most simple suggestion, is that we increase the maximum frequency for the Comb Filter. It is currently 640 Hz if I remember right, I would love it if that maximum was increased.

My second suggestion is that we add more features to that Comb Filter. I'm thinking things similar to the DJ Flanger, but it'll still be better since you can automate the frequency the Comb Filter is playing.

And my third suggestion is that we have another effect, that works similar to the Comb Filter, except it works more like a phaser than a flanger.

So, all in all... I pretty much just really really want flangers and phasers that I have more control over. :lol:

Thank you!