LMMS is my DAW of choice. Every song I make is made within LMMS. I am amazed and delighted by the music-making capabilities which LMMS offers me. But of course we always want to improve, to add to our capabilities, to make our music better and better.

Many plugins enable a user to create any desired sequence within the plugin (which is opened with your DAW), then simply Drag-and-Drop that sequence, in midi format, to another place within your DAW, so you can play that sequence through any other plugin you wish to hear it in. This is incredibly useful, and is a standard feature of most modern DAWs.

In LMMS, we have the import-Midi feature, under the Project tab. So perhaps our midi-import capabilities could be expanded to include this wonderful feature.

Quite a few of the instrument-plugins I use in LMMS (opened in Vestige) offer the Drag-and-Drop feature. I can create sequences within those plugins; sequences I really like, and which I would also like to play in other instruments which can be opened in LMMS. So the plugin offers to let me Drag-and-Drop that sequence, in midi format, into my DAW. When I select one of those Drag-and-Drop midi files within a plugin, LMMS seems to recognize that I have just selected something; but it loses that recognition instantly when I drag it outside the border of the plugin's GUI. It would be awesome if we could somehow Drag-and-Drop midi (from plugins that support that) directly to the Song Editor, where that midi sequence could be played through any other desired plugin.

For testing purposes, an excellent FREE plugin, which works well with LMMS, and which offers Drag-and-Drop Midi, is MT Power Drumkit.
The user can create an infinite variety of great percussion sequences within the plugin, then Drag-and-Drop those sequences, in midi format, into your DAW, so you can play those sequences on any other percussion instrument (or any instrument, at all). The possibilities are endless and delightful; and it would be great if we could have those infinite and delightful possibilities open to us within LMMS.