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This might be a feature you can link to blender. but basically include VLC Player with lmms and alsa2jack as well so we can basically rip audio and video from youtube and other videos and make remixes and compilations of that.

so like if you watch youtube and you see a funny clip at 0:43 or a funny phrase, you should be able to rip it and remix it at will.

the reason for integrating into blender could be because blender has a pretty decent movie editor and sound editor, although for that matter you might just want to put it in k3d if you go that route.

but itll be really worth it to have a beat playing and then do shit like i like turtle remixes. and you can also use plogue's alter ego for that purpose as well, but yeah you'll just want to ship it with lmms or have packages.

unlimited polphony is an important feature.
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I have recently been testing my video player plugin VidPlayVST in LMMS Windows version.
It works ok, with a couple of usage notes...
LMMS setting 'Sync VST plugins to host playback' is required.
Plugin option 'SYNC: Follow Tempo Changes' MUST BE SET.
VeSTige does not support plugin resizing, but video can be shown larger using detached window and full-screen options.

Wanted to test it in Wine, but got lost in package dependency hell trying to install Wine. There is a native Linux version available for Linux DAWs that support native plugins.

Also available VidRenderVST is used to encode a new soundtrack on to a video...
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