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this is just another way to bring LMMS to be a more featureful bit of software.

ship LMMS with, or at least put into synaptic, more Soundfonts. You can also include a modular like soundfont editor.
It would be i guess similar to VCVRack, but a lot of the main oscillators would be parts of soundfonts, broken down by math. This would allow for virtually unlimited Soundfont development on the fly.

you can even do a randomizer so you can run piano soundfonts through it and et different feels to the tone. like a subtly subtly random delay and reverb for the feeling ofbeing in a large room.

it just needs a super easy GUI interface with a ton of backend and user end tutorials.

and It will help with using hard synths if we learn how to layer sounds. and how to deconstruct sounds. but yeah every part of the sound has to be broken down and then able to be reconstructed with different things added along the way.

although we need a lot more tutorials on using hard synths too, and how to look at them, what the features do, etcetera. on every aspect of the synths so we can learn how to use them better

but yeah you just kinda gotta scour the internet and look for soundfonts for everything. they are out there, and they will be a nice addition to linux audio
tya wrote:
Tue Oct 02, 2018 2:33 pm
ship LMMS with :: more Soundfonts
No, there are two main reasons.
* The dl should be as lean as possible
* Bundles will complicate legal issues

Both are important. We have a homepage, where you can find links to the add-ons that any one, find interesting for lmms.

On top of that, there is a sharing-portal.

If you have any specific wishes for soundfonts you think should be on the list, you are most welcome to either signup, and add them, or just list them here, and they will be added later.

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