a Yoshimi Plugin and/or MIDI Message MOD

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This might already exist but I want this. I want to be able to use Yoshimi as a instrument plugin I wish it were like VST loadable. I like it since I can change banks and instruments via MIDI CC i think and I was also able to flip midi on key 60 D so I wanted to try these ideas for MIDI POISON MIDI MESSAGE MODIFIER tiny.cc/MPMMM i had a logo here tiny.cc/mpmmm
Punkroku wrote:
Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:30 pm
I want to be able to use Yoshimi as a instrument plugin
At first i understood squat, but thats not uncommon ...

Well :
Yoshimi is a software synthesizer for Linux, a "fork" of ZynAddSubFX.
The fact that it is a lunux aimed project, is a problem. LMMS is for 3 OS now : win Linux & mac
a 'Linux only' element, is next to certain not going to be included.
If 'Yoshimi' comes as a VST, then its different. Now it a no.

Besides that, since you are new in Forum
Welcome Punkroku !
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Maybe its possible to use Carla for this. ( if you're on Linux )

I have no idea on how to do it though.

Carla is a plugins host, Its a bit like Vestige but can do allot more.
I can also load vst, but that failed when I tried. I am 100% sure the problem was me though.

There is Carla for window too, and as far as I know the lmms windows version also has carla, but last time I read about it, not all plugins you can use on Linux, are available for windows too.

That is not a limitation of Carla. Carla is like LMMS cross platform.

I still need to spend more time myself with Carla.

And try out a post from Linux musicians forum. Some of this should be of interest to windows users too, because it shows how Carla works. ( folders and such will be different of course, and windows users don't need wine to load vst, nor use the comandline )



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