I suggest all synths have an "effect" in the FX tab simply labelled "Envelope", which controls how and when the effects of the Envelope tab take place. This "effect" should have a check box labelled "lock" which is normally checked. When locked, it should automatically place itself after any FX plugins added, which has little to no effect on the overall usage of synths.

However, should I uncheck it, then I can right-click and click "Move up" and "Move down" and set the envelope effects to take place as I see fit in my list of FX plugins.

For example, I recently made a short dubstep loop, using the Cutoff sub-tab on the envelopes tab to modulate the lowpass filter that controls my wobble bass. However, I want to add reverberation to the whole thing, but I cannot, because once the lowpass cutoff on the Envelope hits zero, all sound output is diminished from the synth, leaving the reverb plugin no sound left to work with.

This could theoretically be solved by unchecking this Envelope effect, and placing it before my reverb FX plugin.