We need every synth written in linux to be updated also to accept and process audio signal. that way I can run my march uds drum synth through zynaddsubfx, bristol, or amsynth or alsa modular synth. it will be useful for editing drum sounds and bass. its basically the same feature an ms-20 or the behringer neutron has. ESP external signal processor. MIDI hack? Try this feature. MIDI IO so that i can send and recieve midi data and audio data. It would be i guess for doing things like Audio out from the Boss me-80 thru the computer to the jdxi esp. this will also help hydrogen because we can send drums either out to instruments like a behringer neutron, or process drums using alsa modular synth and other synths.

talk to behringer. tell them the XR12 needs 1 touch sampling, and like an optional sampling mode or a sampling DSP software.

and then the midi stuff would be also like the ability to send midi and audio data from amsynth, zynaddsubfx, or lmms through the me-80 process it on the me-80 and record it still in LMMS.

and then yeah it will be able to process vocals too. and then the update for Ardour and Audacity would be to have IO on a track by track basis so i can send the individual tracks to simultaneous jack audio synths and then record it to a seperate track.

for this, jack audio will need some updates, just like highlighing applications that are connected together in the same color. and then we can do DSP with VCVrack, which also needs updating under linux. and in general.

you can also use the GPU to do some math seeing that it does vector calculus? and non linear algebra i believe. Also, talk to linux, BSD and ubuntu, we need a MIXER for computer hardware. and to update the kernel to be compatible with that. that way if i have two non SLI GPU's i can mix them and send the data freely to both of them to increase processing speed, and because i have an onboard/pci wifi card i will be able to connect to to wireless networks simultanously. and then also we need to use 2 audio cars (i have a built in one on the motherboard and a xonar DS) to reduce latency etcetera.

thanks have fun