Hello there,

I've been using LMMS for about 6 months and I love it. Congratulations for your great work.
Maybe I have some suggestions that may, eventually, improve LMMS user experience. I think it would be nice if we could split LMMS windows across many Virtual Desktops (Linux). Let's say: The "Piano roll" in one display and "Mixer" in another one and "Drum/Beat" in a third one. This would improve user's productivity and ease of use.

I like the integrated GUI and, if you remember, years ago, that was one of the most requested features from the community to GIMP developers. They added that feature, which is the default today, but users still have the ability to split GIMP's windows across many displays as they wish and I think that would be a nice feature to see in LMMS too.

This comes specially in handy for low resolution displays. In low resolution displays, we have to increase the fonts size so much, it is hard to switch windows, click the tiny buttons and read the tiny texts is impossible. If we increase the font size to make it barely readable, so do the windows size, and it is exhausting having to scroll the main window up/down/left/right when we are working on long songs with many instruments and notes.

Another suggestion is to fix the location where windows are spawn. When we add an effect like "Stereo Enhancer" and click control button, which has only one knob, sometimes we can't see where that knob was spawn because there are so much information on integrated GUI during a production work, the spawn is almost camouflaged. lol So, today what I do is click many times the control button to check where the knob is blinking on screen.

Thank you in advance.