Hello everyone!

I'm new to this forum and also new to LMMS. This project is exactly what i was looking for after i have stopped making music because i switched over to Linux about 2 years ago.

The only 2 programs i ever ran on Mac/Windows which i couldn't use for Linux were Reason & Serato. Of couse you can do something with WINE but if you do not have powerful hardware or run bad configurations you will just end up with general latency and other problems.

So NOW that Reason 11 is out and they basically introduced using Reason as a plugin i though this might finally be my time!! Will i be able to run Reason on Linux without latency soon? :D

Would any of you know, since i heard VST plugins work with LMMS if the new Reason Rack Plugins will be supported ?

This would be the biggest gamechanger for me ever!!

Looking forward to your comments!