Hi Forum(users),

my name is Escay (S.K.) and i have been using LMMS for quite some time now to produce and experiment with sounds. Actually I have released my first Track (about 40 mins playtime - so it is actually more an album, than a single) in December 2020. If you are curious what it sounds like, i will provide a link at the end of the post. It was a complete "Zero Budget Bedroom Production". Not a single cent has been spent on software, hardware or samples. The only thing that I indeed did spent some money on, was the release process using the LANDR plattform. If somebody knows a free alternative for a service like this, i d certainly appreciate a hint.

Things i miss in LMMS (or am to stuid too find the right settings for):

- A direct Line in - Recording option!!! <--- I know it is a featuer thats been requested a million times or more and i only would like to point out, that i agree with those request.

- A one click backup function for all settings in a project (including every patch for external vst effects)
reason: it is more than annoying when you have had a nice sounding setting and forgot to save the preset for it and reopen the project and need to retweak the according settings. for a fx-chain with a bunch of fx this could take hours)

-An "I have moved some files, let me give you the new path" - Feature.
reason: lets say you are using a particular sf2 file as your default and remove it from the directory set in the "path for Soundfonts" and have mulitple instances of this within your project, lmms gives you an error for each channel. i know, that you can manually re-assign the according sf per channelsettings, but it would save quite some time to be able to simply have a script asking for the newpath and then assign it to the channels, missing it (preferably with bank/patchnr/settings kept)
Also applies to samples which have been moved - and thats even more annoying if you have spent several hours of finding the perfect loop points within a long sample, that you use on multiple channels and only change the loop points (Example:

c1: Looppoints "I HAVE A SENTENCE"
c2: Looppoints " which is long"
c3 ....
I think that is what the new option "save including ressources" should do, but i am not sure about this or what this option is actually doing. I admit, i have not "rtfm" entirely.

- An integrated way to reroute midi (aka virtual midi port).
- keeping the settings for the last opened directory in the "filemanager section" across projects.
I use drag n drop to access my vsti folder to add new channels. so if i open a new project and i do this many times a day, i have to navigate starting at the HDD roots "c:\" directory. it is only a few clicks, i know... but sum it up if you start like 10 projects or more each day. I would prefer to spend the clicking time on actually producing stuff.

- a per note pitchbend at the bottom of the piano roll (volume/panning/+pitchbend?))

-automation: i find it somewhat confusing, that if i add an automation channel and create the automation pattern and then assign a knob to it, the pattern doesnt get used. i wonder if that behavior is intentional or workflow depended.

- i dont know if there is a solution for that already, but it would be nice to add instrument to the sidebars lmms instruments section (maybe softlinks to according vsti´s)

- drag n drop of vstfx from the "file manger(sidebar)" in both channel FX and Mixer FX.

- an option to redirect / split audio output to extrenal devices and applications.
- A Bagpack-Option: FULL (roaming user): create a zip file, which contains everything within the lmms-user directory, to be able to edit tracks on a different machine running the same version of lmms.
-Bagpack Option: Project (all ressources including samples and vsts((dlls - most are portable)) and presets) to edit the track on a different machine running the same version of lmms.

These are the main things i would like to see implemented in future versions of LMMS and I think those tweaks would be beneficial for many users. In case anything of this is already implemented and there is documentation available, please provide a link and i ll do my homework.

Thank you for all your heartblood, time, sweat, effort and probably even tears which went into this awesome software project!

As promised the link to MMXX

there also is a little teaser/trailer video i made to prepare the release.