Secondary file paths for external files in collab projects

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This is a suggestion to make collaborations easier.

Currently, LMMS only remembers one (the latest) file path for each external file (sample, soundfont, VST, etc.). The problem that comes up during collaborations is that each person has their files stored in a different path. This means that one has to relocate/re-assign each external file each time the other sends one the project, and vice versa.

- Person A inserts sample2.wav from o:\LMMS stuff\samples n shit\ into the collab project, saves it, and sends it to person B.
- Person B downloads the files into g:\LMMS projects\collab2\, opens the project, and finds out sample2.wav isn't playing. So he re-assignes sample2.wav to g:\LMMS projects\collab2\.
- Now person A will have to re-assign it also, since he doesn't use the same path as person B.

And this is just with one sample.

Would it be possible for LMMS to remember a second file path for each external file? Upon opening the project, if LMMS cannot find the external file in the first path, it should automatically look in the second path. Would this be an appropriate solution?
this should be implemented for vst paths also, that would be amazing

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