Hi LMMS-Folks!

My name is Loopshape and I've adapted/modified some dark themes, that were taken from the // theme-topics!
I think, that all musicians are loving flashin' colors and heavy effects while producing their beats and tunes!!! I was starting to adapt (to take a finished theme from an other author) some favorite themes and did modify the icons out from it with the free image-editor G!MP. The main target was, to create a color-rich and beautiful arranged palette of elements that has got a never-boring scheme as a usable skin for the really awesome "Linux-Multimedia-Studio" application
(it's known as: LMMS, in short), that was build with an overall appearing grey tone, that didn't satisfy the needs of having a deep visual-experience while setting up the sounds!

Now, after some days of looking into the structure of the icon-setup and their predefined usage and position of them all,
i did recoloring each icon for a better intuitive handling with some psychedelic and glowing "touch" of all possible colors, that could be combined together...

I really hope, you'll like my redefinition of that LMMS interface and you would like to use that theme for your own, to have a good overview of all given knobs, faders and displays within the application, for being (more?) inspired while creating a tune for your own purposes.

I almost saw some instruments from industry-producers with a colorful environment for the use on liveacts and deejay-sessions, so my conclusion was the fact, that all LMMS fans out there should also have such a nice GUI, that should not hide when played in the club... HAHA!

Now have fun and enjoy producing YOUR music with this "crazy" theme!


Copy the content of the given ZIP package into

...for other operation-systems, you have to look into the correct folder
and put the content into it. Sorry, I'm using Linux for myself,
so I'm not aware of the given folder, that LMMS is using on them!

Creative greetings to ya'll, from
Loopshape aka. "Wellenwert"

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