Image-Line FL Studio 12 Theme

Working on a theme for LMMS? Post progress and get feedback.
I think colours are the right ones, in FL style. The only thing is that maybe i have to brighten a little loop button and the red of the recplay button. Anyway when i will finish it, i will publish on LMMS sharing platform. I think it will be when it will be released a stable version of 1.2, also because i need to make some changes every time an RC is released, so at that time there will be also a stable version of my theme and i'll have all the time to finish it, for what i can.
Other update: what do you think of this send?

Should i get this style for glowing buttons?


It's a theme from here
Mind-blowing!! Yes! This is what I was talking about. The way you have highlighted the pencil icon, it's almost glowing! That's it! Thanks!! Crisp and beautiful!!
Thanks, but that isn't my theme. :) You can download that theme with link i posted before. I was only thinking about follow that button style, but there will be problem with for example the green icon of pause button. That's because all button have the same css class and so also other buttons will have same colors (also play/pause and the project button and also the leftmenu buttons). So i don't know. I'll let you know.
I'm not sure how to install your theme I"m on the page ( which was on your forum but there is no option. Could you please send me a link so I can directly download the theme. I've seen the screen shots it looks great, thank you.
You're seeing only a comment, you need to showup on the forum here to see the main post where there's the download, but also on my forum you can download only an outdated version of my theme for lmms rc5, so...
Anyway when an LMMS 1.2.0 stable version will be released, i will release my theme on the LMMS Sharing Platform.
So i spent the last few days making this FLMMS Studio 12 concept, that is how i want my skin to looks like, even if at the moment isn't possible
Wow!! Looks really awesome!