Contrast Themes for visually impaired (RP) and for normal pe

Working on a theme for LMMS? Post progress and get feedback.
I have prepared this theme (with God's grace) to suit my requirements (thanks to @Umcaruje who showed me the file location and others who helped me). I am visually impaired and I have chosen colors which makes it easier for people like me to read. I hope it will be useful for people like me, with RP (Nigh blindness). (I haven't increased the font size too much because I use the magnifier).

You can find the Dark Contrast theme file over here :

Thank you!!
God Bless!
Looks good, :)

That should help some people.
Thanks! It will help those who want a bit of contrast.
This is a light theme for those who are comfortable with White colour. You can download it from here: