Want a spesific theme?

Working on a theme for LMMS? Post progress and get feedback.
Any suggestions?

I have made four themes as of now, and would like to continue improving my themes. Until now I have only guessed what kind of colors, icons and styles you might be interested in, and therefore I feel I should let you have a say in making the next popular LMMS theme.

Think of what kind of colors you like and would be cool in LMMS.
Think of what kind of patterns and icons you want. Maybe a specific style? (Hollywood, American, Nature, Water, Ice/Snow, Fire)
Think of what needs to be changed or improved in the themes already made http://lmms.sourceforge.net/lsp/index.p ... I%20themes
This is a little irrelevant, but was your username inspired by Alf2red?
BTW I think you should keep the current grey (I'm Canadian, eh, so it's grey not gray) blue and green colour scheme, but refine it and make it more minimalistic, by using only green, blue, grey, and black for the interface, but maybe add red
(No gradients, solid colour, except for knobs)
You could make black or light grey knobs with red, blue, or green pointers on them, but leaving them alone might be better
Make the automation track bars green, blue or red
Either leave tracks grey, or make them black with light grey/white lettering, do the same with the mixer
Make the mixer go from grey to green or grey to blue (whichever is dominant in the rest of the interface) if red is not being used
Thanks for the feedback, and I will start working on it right away!

No, my name was not inspired by Alf2red. In Norwegian my name can be written with the number 2 inside and still sound the same, so that was the reason... Not a fancy username though ;)
oh, okay
and thanks for working on the theme! i would have tried myself, but i heard you need to edit the xml and i have no idea how to do that
Again thanks for the feedback averystrangeguy, but forgot to say that not all parts of LMMS is customizable. This applies for the FX-mixer background, the Song editor background as well as the Plugin Sidebar. You can see the gray areas in my themes. So basically we are stuck with that gray for now... which pretty much ruins most all-color themes. I have to implement that gray color in my color palette if it is going to look somewhat decent :? Hopefully in the futures all areas are going to be customizable.
I though the plugin bar was customisable! I'm pretty sure I've seen it customized
Yes there are few parts which can't be edited.. But still we have some tricks. E.g. U can't use an image background for song track coz the part behind the LEDs will still be gray. But using a gradient instead of image can do the job..
And yes, plugin bar is customisable.. I have also made some themes.. If you want, you can see the themes uploaded by me at the link mentioned in my signature or the link mentioned by sti2nd..
"Night Mode" theme?

Some kind of darkish subdued theme that would help preserve vision in a low light situation.
Think of orange or red backlit guages with LCD style indicators and a mostly black or dark grey background. Maybe the occasional yellow bit for status LEDs and I/O. But nothing too overly bright. An instrument cluster from a sports car or motorcycle may be a sort of reference. Although dim, contrast should be strong enough where it looks clean-cut and suited to purpose. Anything but toy-like.

That might have potential uses if using LMMS to complement sound production for something like a theater or perhaps played around with in a dark lit club or something. Situations where you don't want a bright glare-y monitor, but want to be able to use the software.

I might be able to illustrate something to give a better idea by drawing over an LMMS screen and comparing to default, if you want a more specific look-and-feel to it than a written description.
You asked, I delivered.

This is my attempt at a night mode for LMMS: http://lmms.sourceforge.net/lsp/index.p ... &file=3976

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