20 June: skinned buttons and scrollbars, updated screenshot
19 June: added screenshot

Got a theme in progress. But was without internet for the last month or so. Here's what's done so far.

Goals are:
  • to create a simple, visually consistent theme focused on usability and clarity
  • to avoid skeumorphisms (many existing themes already cover those who like glossy buttons, metal textures, and whatnot)
  • to learn the current limitations of LMMS skinning so I can better participate in discussions about how to improve the LMMS GUI
  • to discover techniques that will help others create new and better LMMS themes.
Tossing it out to those with more experience using LMMS for music production so I can get some feedback on whether/how my changes affect productivity or enjoyment. Would also like to know about any problems that might appear in parts of the GUI that I haven't discovered yet (I'm new to using LMMS) or on other OSs (I'm using Crunchbang).

Tips from other themers are of course also welcome.