Portamento ?

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Ah yes that pad sound, well as you said that synth is from that time period, so its very possible. :)
Maybe they used both a theremin and a synth, for that part of the song in the original tune. And blended them together, or layer blended them together. Because when I listen to it, it sounds like two similar sounding instruments, playing together.
Right now struggling with the drums.

Then the portamento part is last.

There are two synths used at least in fade to grey. One we know for sure, its the polymoog, because the minimoog was missing. :P
Portamento. Now that sounds very Italian.
brandystarbrite wrote:
Fri Jul 30, 2021 5:07 am
Portamento. Now that sounds very Italian.
Allot of music terms ( or all? ) are Italian as far as I know.

http://www.musictheory.org.uk/res-music ... -terms.php

a capella


Yeah, very true.