Chord chart for piano D# G# F C A#m Fm ...

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Hello there,

I'm trying to compose a song where there's some rare chords in :
D# G# F C A#m Fm A# D Dm G Cm Am and Gm

How do you compose them on a piano roll?

Any ideas?

Hope this can help:

In the piano roll, there's a chord selector (top-right below the cross). For all the major chords, select major and then click on the root notes (i.e. D#, G#, F, C). For the minor chords, select minor and click to add the root notes for the minors (i.e. A#m, Fm).

You could do it manually as well, but it's more effort. If you want to do it manually, the major chords are the first, third, and fifth note of the major scale of the root note. Minor chords are the first, third, fifth of the minor scale.
newbie1900 wrote:
Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:32 am
some rare chords in :
D# G# F C A#m Fm A# D Dm G Cm Am and Gm
What is your key?
Online theres some great tools for scales
This Scale-finder is also in our useful resourses
Do you want all of them, or just some of them?

Anyway, there were a lot of progressions based around Am and Dm in early 20th century Russian/Gypsy "romances" ("Those were the days" is one that eventually became an international hit, though the original lyrics are quite different...) and stuff that evolved from it.

I still can't hear those two chords without associating them with that style...