Automation for multiple patterns in the Beat+Bassline Editor

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Hey guys,
I want to use an automation track on a track I created using the Beat+Bassline Editor. I know I can create a new automation track for any tracks in my Beat pattern step by step but I want to create just one automation track for the whole composition in the song editor. Now I would have to drag the volume button from the whole composition to the automation track but this can't be done because I can only chose one volume button and there is none for the whole composition itself.

Does anyone know how to do this? I hope you get what I mean, I will add a picture so that you can understand my problem better.

Kind regards

Image ... sp=sharing
One way might be to assign all the instruments in the BBE to the same channel in FX mixer and then automate the FX channel slider.

Thanks Steve!

I will try this when I get home. Sounds like a plan.

Edit: This is a good solution to my problem, thanks!

Another question that came up in this context: Is there any way to add volume control to the different tracks in the song-editor?
NicKey wrote:
Sun Oct 15, 2017 3:34 pm
I can only chose one volume button and there is none for the whole composition itself.
No, that is not true.
You can drag any number of any type of controller into one automation-track.
However, you will 'weird' results, if you mix different type of controllers, -like RESO and VOL, but they will automate!
To me it sounds like you could either use Steves way, making a channel in mixer, and send all wanted to that channel. Remember to disconnect Master.
Or you could bind all volumes to same automation-track, not in B&B-editor, but in song-editor, because that is also possible!
I have made videos on how to do different mixer-tricks: ... 5nzetBqgjA

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Thank you so much musikbear!

I didn't know that as I am completely new to LMMS. Thanks for the link to your videos. It is always great to find people who want to help a newbie out.

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