How do I pull proper arpeggios ?

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Dear fellow producers,

Some of you may remember my track "heat beating wrong" where I have made use of the Arpeggio function. This time I got lucky and the result was not too buggy.

But in fact I need to say I don't understand how to come up with nice arpeggios, and I thought I could share my thought and questions about this nice tool provided by LMMS before doing further experimentation.

First statement : "If I set the arpeggio time or frequency the same number than tempo, then a complete arpeggio should take about one time measure, one square" -> just tried it again, I was wrong.
question 1 : Do you know a setting of arpeggio where I can place a note block and be sure the arpeggio will last the same duration as the note block ? It's gross when the arpeggio progression cuts in the middle of process.
Addendum : Played at tempo 140 in 4/4, setting this toggle to 191 ms seems to give some continuity to the movement from a one-block note to another (1 measure). But for me it's still unpredicatable ! And if I come from a 0.5 block to another it's again discontinuous... Damn, damn.

Also I can talk about the other little things I'm discovering by myself. Setting different chords, piece of cake, although I do not understand all the names. "Direction up/down", ok got it.

"Mode : Free, Sort, Sync" -> I don't get what it changes. I push my button to check the sound, and the sound is the same, there's something I'm probably missing.

"Arpeggio duration" : I don't really get it. It does not change the frequency, but shortens each individual notes and introduces some silences in the many arpeggios. Do you play a lot with this toggle ?
Addendum : I set this little brat to 1% and the result is not consistent, it's very buggy. When set at 100% each individual note plays loooongly and recovers the next one. Can come handy maybe.

How often do you use arpeggios in your productions ? Do they come clean most of time ?

That's all. Thanks.
I hope this topic is of interest for y'all.
Have you read the official wiki: ... #Arpeggios

An ex-user of LMMS often used the arpeggio function:
- High Off:
- High On:

He has published many projects on the LSP (attention, the master channel is often in the red!). Personally, I like what he did.

The Arpeggio function is nice and works very well in some situations. High Off/On provided good examples.

Otherwise, you can customize your arpeggios directly in the piano-roll. That gives you more possibilities than the arpeggio function.
Sorry sir,
I did not read this part of the manual.

It seems like my main problem will be resolved by setting the proper "mode" parameter.
I did not even notice it while checking.

"The mode of playing the arpeggio.
----In free mode, an arpeggio will be started when the note starts. If a second note is played later, a second arpeggio will start at that (later) time and play independently of the first.
----In sort mode, no matter when another note is pressed, the arpeggios will be played in the same order, with only one note being played at any one time. For example, if the key for C is played with an ascending Major chord arpeggio, the arpeggio of C-E-G will be played repeatedly. If the key for F is then held down, the arpeggio will play C-E-G-F-A-C one after the other - the arpeggio for C then the arpeggio for F.
----In sync mode, any notes held down at the same time will play a chord arpeggio in that interval. To take the above example, when F was held down the arpeggio would play CF-EA-GC repeatedly - the notes C and F simultaneously, then the notes E and A, then the notes G and C"

Guess I do have to make sure the free mode is not on, if I understand well

Thanks also for the projects, I need to check them out.
qantuum wrote:
Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:32 pm
I have made use of the Arpeggio function. This time I got lucky and the result was not too buggy.
'Buggy' is the keyword, because current arpeggio is bugged.
You can read all about the arpeggio rehaul here:

But an arpeggio, is nothing special. The Arpeggio page is only a convenient way to do something easy, that can take a bit of effort, to make by hand.
However, with the arpeggio-engine being remade, i think that the way to go right now, is to make arpeggios by hand, and not using the bugged 'engine'.
So for now and until the arpeggio engine is bug-free, you can do like this:
Its fast, and more creative
I checked out musikbears tut earlier.

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