New Beat over-ruling all assets?

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I'm a little new to these forums so sorry if this is posted to the wrong place, I'm sure someone can take care of that with the power to do so :P
Anyways I am new to LMMS and have run into a problem that I can't seem to figure out, I'll try and explain.
First off I'll tell you what I am trying to do.

I am trying to create my beat, by using my asset in one key, then for the next one I am trying to use the same beat but in a lower key, and so forth.

But what is happening is, when I create a new beat/bassline, and edit the key of the asset used previously to make the last beat, it is changing the key on both beats. Also the same thing is happening when I am trying to delete the assets out of 1 beat, they are deleting from them all.
I had this problem when I used to use FL, but on FL I was able to create folder groups to separate each bassline.

Thank you for the support and if this is in the wrong place, I apologise and hope a moderator can move it for me :)
You're welcome!

Sorry, I do not understand the meaning of the word "asset".
I'm guessing "asset" means instrument or sample? If you want the same instrument playing different notes (is that what changing the key means to you ?) then you need to ADD another instance of the instrument to the Beat/Bassline Editor. All "assets" in BBE are common to all Beats in a song BB0, BB1, BB2 etc. but there's nothing stopping you having several Kickers or TripleOscs or whatever all playing different things. And of course if you delete the INSTRUMENT from one then it's gone from all but what you do instead is just delete the NOTES from one instance, not delete the whole instrument. It's messy but it works.

But in some cases it might be easier to use the Piano Roll in Song Editor and not use BBE at all.

Aidan Donnan wrote:
Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:50 pm
I'm a little new to these forums
Welcome to the forum Aidan ! Here are all our important links:
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Its fine posting here btw :)

I my beat, by using my asset in one key, then for the next one I am trying to use the same beat but in a lower key, and so forth am trying to create.
Just as Steve says, in beat/bassline-editor (BBE) , one 'asset' (instrument or soundplayer aka Audiofileprocesser) will play in all BBE tracks.
You can watch this video, for better understanding:
Observe how only one instrument works in any BBE!

So the thing you are trying to achieve wont work, and it is actually worse: The very idea is flawed.
In order to play in different keys, you would need different samples!
Lmms cant 'stretch' samples to neither correct pitch nor length -alas
It is actually not possible right now, to use samples in lmms, in more than the actual pitch, it has been produced!
You can however change a samples pitch, in a program like audacity (recommend) and then use that sample in lmms
We do not have a sampler in lmms
So there is no way to insert a group of samples created in audacity in one sampler.
We havent found any, that works in lmms, yet
So the bottom line is that sample handling is inferior in lmms, and it is one of the issues that will need focus.

Since you are new with lmms, Perhaps my LMMS rookie-guide can interest you? Link in signature.
Welcome to the forums Aidan. :)

Normally the term asset, means 3d models, or 2d artwork etc, used for making
video games, in game engines such as Unity, or Unreal Engine, Crysis etc. :D

I think, that is why we all got kinda confused there. Ha! Ha! :)

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