Hi Hats ? Cymbals ? Child in Time Percussion

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Since I started on my Child In Time cover, I was annoyed that my hi hat ? sound, does not even come close to the Deep Purple _Child in Time ones.

I already found one in a Hydrogen drum kit, but here's my questions, and the vid to show the drummer, hitting 3 ? different hi-hats ?

Are all three called hi hats, the part I do know, he is hitting the bell part of the hi hat,


I am asking this , because I have trouble finding those samples ( were a drummer hits the bell part ) and am wondering if I am searching for the wrong thing ?

What is a cymbal ? Should I search for that ? I am confused, :P
Gps wrote:
Sun May 20, 2018 9:11 pm
The hats, ride or crash are different type of cymbals.

I think these are ride cymbals seen at the beginning of the video.
Gps wrote:
Sun May 20, 2018 9:11 pm
What is a cymbal ? Should I search for that ? I am confused, :P
A cymbal? :)
It's a pair of brassy looking instruments, one each hand, that you clash together.
Here's a pic of a cymbal.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cymbal#/m ... 7_-_25.jpg
In the video the thing on the far left is a hi-hat...it's characteristic is that it has a foot pedal to open and close the two parts. The others being hit are cymbals, ride or crash, it's not easy to tell visually.

See e.g. https://www.normans.co.uk/blog/2014/04/ ... -drum-kit/

Don't let brandy confuse you. A drum kit cymbal is a single thing on a stand to be hit with drum sticks. A PAIR of hand cymbals may be used in orchestras or marching bands and are never called "a cymbal"..
Thank you guys.

@ sliptstick. LOL

I off course already had googled, and for Cymbals I got pics of the thing brandy explained, only adding to my confusion.

But now its clear to me, I need to look for cymbals crash and ride. :)

Hi hats are Cymbals too, that also helps.
Found for now two different cymbal sounds, and its already a huge step forward. :)

Thank you guys.
Oh crap. I got my wording wrong.
I should have said cymbals. With an "s".

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