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These two songs by an artist named iMeiden has something I found very puzzling in his drops. It sounds very full but all I can hear leading the drop is a very loud and full sounding synth with a lot of harmonies and a distinct bass. Both of those elements sound very clear. There is white noise but it doesn't seem to stay throughout the drop. I can't hear any supersaws or pad synths that make it sound "full" and it's very confusing to me. I'm guessing that the leads are designed in a way that it covers a large part of the frequency spectrum but I'm not sure. I would want some insight on his style. Can anyone help me achieve this type of sound?

https://soundcloud.com/meiden/imeiden-s ... eat-rachie
https://soundcloud.com/meiden/imeiden-o ... dream-feat
FenA wrote:
Thu Jun 07, 2018 12:17 pm
very puzzling in his drops.
where? add exact timestamps, for where the wanted sound starts, and less important -ends
Like @2:32 -> 2:55
where? add exact timestamps, for where the wanted sound starts, and less important -ends
Like @2:32 -> 2:55

https://soundcloud.com/meiden/imeiden-s ... eat-rachie - @00: 58 - 01: 30

https://soundcloud.com/meiden/imeiden-o ... dream-feat - @01: 29 - 02: 00
FenA wrote:
Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:49 pm
@00: 58 - 01: 30
That is a std supersaw. You will find several in zasfx, but you need to EQ those:

Also most Synth1 banks has at least one supersaw, but in general i think supersaw may be the most common preset of all
The output is sidechained!
is one way -search for others, if needed
@01: 29 - 02: 00
again a supersaw, but with more square part, so it is less 'gritty' Again zasfx ao Synth1 is brilliant for building a similar preset
Also sidechained, but with sharper curve, i think

Try to build, and then come back and ask specific Qs, if you need ideas for both, but generally, making 'fuller' presets, is only a question of EQing, as i show in the EQ-video

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