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Hi out there

I'm a producer with lmms and I'm also on the way to build my own modular synth.

So can somebody please explain me how the Env. Slope works? This one konb in the lower section of the Kicker-Plugin?
It sound so much better with a little bit of env slope, like 0.5
In german it called "Hüllkurfenneigung", so it means that's for adjust the envelope. But why I also have 2 envelopes? one in the plugin and one in the Tab ENV/LFO

Greetings from Switzerland

Floria wrote:
Tue Dec 11, 2018 9:14 am
Hi out there
Hi, Welcome to the Forum Floria !
Here are all important links:
-A few rules and useful forum instructions

on the way to build my own modular synth.
Interesting! In what language /API?
how does Env. Slope in the lower section of the Kicker-Plugin works ?
Codebase-like, or 'just' functional?
For actual cpp-code, please dl our codebase :)
The reason that you have 2 ENV in kicker is that kicker is build on the default instrument, and one of the features is the default ENV/LFO
Kickers own LFO is 'basically like' default ENV' DEC, so it express the time from maximum output, to 0 output
You can read more about this plugin here:

i'm already done with a filter, next thing is a vco

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