Transcribing Peace and Tranquility from A Hat in Time!

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Recently, I've started to get back into LMMS and I would like some help with transcripting something:




The BPM is 128, and I want to say that the main melody itself is 4 or 5 notes. I've gotten pretty close but maybe I just need a second pair of ears to help me out!

Once I transcribe a few songs, it will help me become a better musician so I don't have to rely on MIDI files all
the time for remixes.

I feel like this is a very doable song to transcribe and shouldn't be too difficult
OK, with a little help from the LMMS Discord the first portion of the main melody is C# -> D -> A -> F#


And the tempo is actually 186

Now, for the second part at 0:45....

Thank you Radiarc! :D
DJStarbreaker wrote:
Fri Nov 16, 2018 4:05 am
first portion of the main melody is C# -> D -> A -> F#
If so then your scale 'is' D major

The second part goes from B5--> D5--> D5-->B5, repeats 4 times, Then goes to A5--> C5--> C5-->D5

Now for the 3rd segment (1:07), I'll have to really listen to it for a while and think.

I'll worry about note sizes, beats, tempo, time signature, and ambiance later, right now I'm just getting the main piano melody transcribed.

Then, the 4th and final section (2:29-3:00) is just 3 notes that repeat over and over until the song fades out along with the background ambiance and beats and then the song ends.
Ok, so the 3rd section has a note progression like this! Punch helped me out with this part on discord so a big thank you to him! :D



Then, the 4th section isn't too bad, I cleaned it up by listening to the song for a while, it's just 3 notes until the song fades out and ends!



Now, all that's left is to get a 2nd pair of ears to check it for me and correct any mistakes because I might have made a few slight errors in timing/note speed.

(This is what I have now, after 3-4 days of work):


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