Noise music plugins or techniques? preferably light ones

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I make noise rock and some general noise music and i've come up with a few ways to 'noise' up samples.

Of course, there's the classic "blowing-out-then-limiting-to-shit" technique, which works fine but only up to a point. Then I have this overdrive plugin (which i dont remember if its native or not) which works really well for fuzzing stuff up. Then there's hard clipping, and bitcrushing, and cabinets, and blah blah and shit and whatever else.

Problem is these all sort of end up making stuff sound 'samey' and i'm looking to diversify my noise, literally. Second problem (and more important, sorta) is that when it comes to really crunching some samples up and putting them through the wringer, i might be banking on 4 or 5 random plugins all set to their extremes which does not fair well for my system.

So, any techniques or tricks or tips or whatever to remedy this?

Thanks in advance, y'all
ene723 wrote:
Sun Apr 14, 2019 3:31 am
techniques or tricks or tips or whatever
Powerful plugins could be

* Waveshaper
* *Clip
* notch filter
* formant filter
* FM-modulation
* bit-crushers
* distortion ..doh

I recently made a tut on rock-guitars
Maby of interests ?