Trying to make house, but feels like I am failing

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Found an exception to my rule.

I am gonna ignore this one for now. :P

Found this vid, think its shows what I was trying to point out, how the melody is a rhythm loop.
Gps wrote:
Wed Apr 08, 2020 12:46 pm
LOL, just yesterday , I did put an equalizer on my minimoog base, to cut off some of the low end.
It was totally overpowering my kicks. :)
Aye. Cool! :)
After more thinking and more listening to House.

There is not one track, that has what mine track has, an on the beat and off the beat base line.
I think one might have to go.

Another thing I start to notice about my base line, it's totally not a house bassline.

What characterizes house are the on and off beat notes, of the bassline and the lead sound.

The loops are often also quite short , only 4 - 8 kicks long. Some variation come from a chord progression, and often vocal samples.

This vid shows what I am talking about.

The lead is always a short rhythm loop.and the bass line usual does the same rhythm.
After allot of frustration as usual, I am starting to make house.

I had so much issues getting the right lead tempo at 120 bpm.

After looking at my favourite house track which I covered in LMMS, and watching a vid of a guy in fruity loops.

I saw the light.

For months, now it has been bugging me, 120 bpm does not feel right, when you place notes in the piano roll, except for the drums.

House goes often off and on beat, were around 5 - 6 notes end up in 1,2,3,4 or 4 kicks in the bbe.
I had 4 or 8. Which was to fast or to slow, although my drums were at the right bpm.

In my track, changing the spaces of the notes I already had, so 5-6 instead of 4 notes would fit, was all it took.
That left a pause at the end of the second bar, which is perfect for house.

(Also added a small chord progression.)
t.b.c. :P
And here is a piece of proof.

Never give up, never surrender. :)
Gps wrote:
Thu Apr 16, 2020 10:54 am
And here is a piece of proof.

Never give up, never surrender. :)
Holy cakes dude, this is literally a huge step, from most of your previous house wips. I like the singers voice too. Her voice has a choir + opera type sound style to it. That voice coupled with your house beat, really makes this house tune, sound original and super special too. Impressive. :D
Thank you, very happy I finally figured it out.

bpm around 120 .
5 - 6 notes in a 4 count,
Those notes not all equally spaced, and you need to go off and on beat.

Could have saved me allot of frustration, knowing this soooner.
Gps wrote:
Fri Apr 17, 2020 10:53 am
Thank you, very happy I finally figured it out.
No probs.

Gps wrote:
Fri Apr 17, 2020 10:53 am
Those notes not all equally spaced, and you need to go off and on beat.
That is the thing, that throws off alot of people, when making old school house beats.
Hey Gps and Bear check this out.

This track is from Richard Jacques, and became a cult favourite when it appeared, in the famous racing game Metropolis Street Racer on the dreamcast. I think Gps said he's not a fan of game music, but this one is a real song. And the game had a wide variety, of real old school and late 90's house and dance tracks in it.

Also, what type of music is it?
It definitely has a 70's house music style, and classy club dining lounge style musical sound to it.
That track is not a house track :)

I call that disco. The funk - disco that was there before House.

I like this one though:
Metropolis Street Racer - Let's Get It On Tonight

This one I think though is house.

Or at least you could turn this into a house track , by looping the start. :P
When she starts to sing it stops being house and becomes disco, I think. :)
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