Phased/Modulated voice?

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Hi All,

I am interested in replicated the effect that is over the vice in this track by the Shamen, its a distorted voice from the very start i believe as it eventually turns out the words, 'possible worlds'
Incorruptable wrote:
Tue Sep 03, 2019 3:22 pm
replicate the effect :: distorted voice
First of, its chop up in segments, some are played backward i think, but the chopped up pieces are then arranged in syncopation. That part has nothing to do with effects, that is only (tedious) cut'Npaste.
But then come the effects
I actually think its a coombs-filter
LMMS has a fine coombs -It was historically the very first filter in LMMS, that produced nice results :)
Thanks Musikbear,

I have actually used the Comb filter in LMMS on a track i have made already, i will try a few different things on what i am after and see if i can get close with the filter.

I understand what you mean also about the cut and paste, before the main bassline kicks in, it is very obvious it is a a section of the distorted voice, perhaps 0.25 seconds long that is placed repeatedly one after the other.

I have also done this in a track i have made, chopped a piece of sound i liked and used it in a somewhat similar style.

thanks for the advice.