Help for a specific satured kick settings on Ableton 10

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Hi, im new here.
I'm currently producing with Ableton 10 and after a lot of attempt and also trying some tutorial settings i can't figure how to make this kind of satured kick (or 808) that kinda taking path on other instruments or vocal and give a.. kind of global saturation without sounding too much strident to the ears. i also though that maybe it was more about some master channel equalization so i don't know im kinda lost, my attempts so far just dont sound satured in this way or close of it. this one too have this satured vibe i am looking for.
Anyone have any ideas? :D
Yes, ask about it on an Albleton forum. :)
papaknoth wrote:
Wed May 13, 2020 8:37 pm
Hi, im new here.
Hi, Welcome to the Forum papaknoth !
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I'm currently producing with Ableton 10
My assistance is for lmms :p
this satured vibe i am looking for.
I made tutorials for 808, but those were more 'melodic' in the pitch slide
Yours are more like a 'buzz'

Try AudioFileProcessor with these settings
and add a more distinct kick as a layer, for the attack