That lovely bassline drives me insane

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Hi guys, I hope you can help me.

Kraze the party. I have been trying for months off and on, but can't reproduce that bassline.
Its driving me nuts. :x

It starts right away in this remix (with a lot of reverb ? ):

It starts at, 30 sec in, in this vid

I have been trying 4 notes, were the first two are right besides each other, this seems to be close but its not right.
Music making should be fun, but things like this make my blood boil.

There is also a piano part that makes me wonder, does it play exactly the same part (notes) as that bassline ?

Are there maybe 6 notes, 3 groups of 2 notes

I also tried 3 notes, but that seems more off then the 4 notes attempt.

This topic is worthless without pics. The picture shows the stuff I tried already.
The 4th bar seems to be the closets, according to my ears, but not right. (or is it? lol)

The related piano part, I think that is at least right ? ( maybe the original does not use chords though)
It depends on what beat you're trying to make.
I am trying to copy that bassline form Kraze - The Party ( and the rest)

Not sure I want to make a full cover but I do want to learn how my prob favorite house track will look in a daw.
Now that was one pump rockin house song.

Now that is a cool bassline melody.
It was so good, I actually didn't feel bored listening to it loop over and over again. :lol:

Excluding the lyrics, those musicians back in those days, really had a knack for making alot of memorable, music tracks and rhythms. :)
Yes I can' t explain it, but some disco I like, and some house I like, are very repetitive, but have what I call swing.
Or maybe funk is the better word.

Its something I miss a lot in most modern chart music, its to smooth for me.
Well that is a toughy. Covers are hard in LMMS. The beats especially.
I start to wonder if there is some effect used.

I still can't figure out if it 3 or 4 notes.

Started over from scratch, connected midi keyboard, mostly to find the beat. I ended up with 3 and 3 notes in one bar.
Then added a 4th note in front, very close to the original first note.

Its close but not 100% right. I also can't get it in sync with the other tracks. :x

Had one funny moment. When testing if I got the bpm right, I found out I am, but also that I am not using the same key lol.
The two piano part I have are right though (timing wise) and the same or close enough. (Its around 121 bpm)

I am totally annoyed, getting close but not getting it right. I want to punch somebody or break something.
Attitude "flaw" I get angry, which only works counter productive, music related.
On the bright side, I know when to stop, before I would really start to throw or break stuff out of frustration.
On the bright side, I know when to stop, before I would really start to throw or break stuff out of frustration.
Don't worry.
You'll figure it out, sooner or later.
At least, you are getting closer and closer, to remaking that music track.

I believe all musicians go through that frustration, when they can't complete a music track, or they can't make a synth sound, sound exactly the way they want it to sound, or they can't get the melody to sound right. Or get the right key etc.

I remember speaking to a dj during the August vacation and he told me, back when he was starting to get famous, he used to get frustrated, with some of his unfinished projects. Because he couldn't figure out, how to complete or finish them etc.

I'm sure, many other Lmms musicians including myself, have went through that phase too. :)
I should be more patient with myself. Somehow I expect from my self, to learn everything in 2 months max, what takes most people years and years.
When I get angry I forget how much I already have learned and progressed.

After I calmed down, I started to listen again. also the original.
At the start of the track that bassline does something kinda different as what the piano does, later on however, they seem to do the same.

What do you guys think, did I get it riiiiiiight ? ... n-progress

Not happy about the synth sound, and also the percussion needs a lot of work to get it closer to the original.
Not timing wise, but the drum sounds used. Not sure about the piano sound either, especially the second part, but that at least does not sound that bad.
And that is the fun part about a daw, the sound you can change.
needs a lot of work to get it closer to the original.
YOU have made a nice bouncy and energetic wip.
Forget about the 'original' You can do fine on your own. Be inspired, but dont copy
At least that is imo :)

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