That lovely bassline drives me insane

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I was thinking about the piano vst I am using, but I can forget about it, at least for that vst.
Detune knob on vestige does nothing for this vst.
I am starting to have conflicting feelings about covering songs I like.

On one hand its very frustrating, on the other hand I do learn a lot from it.

Yesterday listened with audacity to Kraze - The party at a very low speed.

Noticed two important things.
First part is why I have so much issues to copy a certain bridge of only three notes.
There is happening so much, that even at much lower speeds its hard to hear what exactly is going on.
The much lower speed did help me in determine how many piano notes are used though.

Second, notes of which I had assumed there are equally spaced are not equally spaced.
The difference is so small though, in lmms terms were talking 1/13 but prob even smaller.
What makes this very hard, is it the bassline? or the piano? or both going of beat.

I suspect both part to be played by hand, then recorded and looped.

It does answer for me one thing, why does my piano part not have that swing, the original has.

I also have a feature request ;) I want to be able to import mp3 and then being able to mute instruments.

Progress :)

I made were possible all piano notes longer, but most don't touch (space = 1/64)
I suspect both part to be played by hand, then recorded and looped.

I noticed that too, when I listened to the original version of Kraze the party, on youtube.
It really does sound like it's played by hand and recorded etc.

Speaking of old school electronic dance music.
I love this old school 80's classic song, my parents listened to.
I love that synth melody from that Mr. Yazoo guy.
That synth melody is EPIC!! 8-)

Good singer too. 8-)
Oh yes, love that one too :)

Its in my play-list.

You might like this one too:

All from the British synth pop period.

One of my favorites, already covered in lmms (but not by me) ... ey-neilbgr
great job, I think.

ANd that singer has a great voice, later went solo.
Alison Moyet 1984

Lyrics first in English and then in french.
That guy from yazoo cant sing though or is it me ? lol
It sounds horrible fade to grey 2005
on the other hand I do learn a lot from it.
Aaaand theres your answer :D

80' -where 'it' all began..
I only have one word for you Eurythmics But that would also be in gold letters..
i cant tell you how many times a have drooled over the the part from 1:42 up to the reso-cresendo
..o h mi oh my !
Eurythmics :) Within 2 seconds of that vid playing, I recognized that song.
Sex crime and here comes the rain again, are probably my favorites.

The 80 ties when no daw existed yet, but there were synthesizers and drum computers.
Then around 1986 the AtariST was born, the first computer with two midi ports (in and out)

So many great synth hits from the 80 ties.

I do have a problem, with what synth sound you are referring too exactly, but I love that track, and the synth sounds used.
Two more at least for me memorable synth hits.

Patrick Cowley - Menergy

Sylvester - Do Ya Wanna Funk ( produced by Patrick Cowley)

And I just found out, I did not mean Yazoo - Don't go but Yazoo -Situation.
More progress on Kraze.

First piano part, I have put three notes, technical 1-64 too early.
Just tried out a different piano vst, one were the the pitch knob of vestige, does seem to work.

Made an automating track, with small triangles. That gave a very interesting effect, kind of what I had in mind, but it seems to only work for the first note played. Like if the vst is ignoring the next four triangles.

Will have a look tomorrow, if I have misplaced the triangles.

Learning a lot, but also spending in some way, a ridiculous amount of time on just the sound of a piano. lol

It would be easier to email Kraze, ans ask what he did, and what piano they used, and then see if there is a vst, that makes that sound.

One solution would be, to not use a piano but some synth playing those parts.
sounds like an fm patch
should be easy to make monstro

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