Is mixing and mastering important?

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musikbear wrote:Im sure we can agree that it is good practice always to use the FX-Mixer, and to use busses for all. There are so many good qualities in the FX-Mixer in lmms, that it would be a shame not to use it.
In fact -Because of the output architecture, only FX-Mixer can control the volume of VSTs based instruments, just to mention one :)
The normal track Vol and Pan controls work as well on Vestige tracks as they do on anything else, certainly for me ;). The main advantage of using the FX mixer is that it gives you fader controls rather than knobs so it seems more like an old-fashioned analogue mixer. But I will agree that the FX Mixer is useful for many things, particularly to give you a single control for overall volume on a BBE track, so it would be a shame to just ignore it.

But that's not the same thing as claiming that anyone who hasn't used the FX mixer hasn't done any sort of mixing ;).

Mixing and mastering is important so your song sounds well on different sound systems and release formats. Otherwise your track might sound too muddy and muffled. Without mastering your song will be too quiet and people will have a hard time listening to it. Mixing & mastering are two separate steps, without a good mix the mastering won't change too much. Here is an article i found explaining both steps and why it is important. They point out that a song shouldn't be mixed and mastered in the same session. I hope that helps.
We have a few basic tut's and more, about mixing and mastering, in the Tutorials section.
So to all newcomers, lmms musicians and musicians, feel free to check them out. :)
Also, since a few people on the forums, are asking about mixing and mastering......
I forgot to mention that:

Almost everyone, mixes and masters their music tracks differently.
What that means is, that there is not a one single correct path, to mix and master.
There are many ways to do it.

But some mixing and mastering strategies, are universally shared though:
Like for eg. using special plugins called equalizers, compressors and limiters etc.
But even with these tools, many musicians would still tweak the plugins settings and use them
according to their own personal tastes.

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