Music Promotion

Find a song that you like or that inspires you? Post it here.
:D :D This is a forum where I promote songs that were emailed, Sent, or broadcasted to me an appropriate way, or form I will post any promoted songs here.


1. Your song should not already be published to NCS, Rameses B, and other such things (Including satellite radio, Radio Station(s) )

2. Your song should not be copyrighted, copylocked.

3. If the song was a collaboration and not made all by you give credit to those people that helped you out, make sure they agree to have the song they helped make get promoted, all the Creators of that song should have an appropriate sort of communication with me (Preferably by EMail).

4. Do not try to make me promote any song that is not appropriate for all ages!

5. If you don't get a reply that's okay.

6. I check all songs before promoting them any songs that do not apply / agree with rule 4 will get reported to LMMS Moderators and won't promoted, If they don't apply / agree with any other rules they also won't get promoted!

7. No songs with viruses / other such computer harmful things are allowed to be promoted!

8. Lastly Have fun!

You could post on this forum to give me your song so I can Promote it!
You can Also EMail me here If you can't use LMMS Forums. Email:
You can also comment with a link to your song on any of my youtube videos ... subscriber so that way I can receive it and Promote it.

More Appropriate ways of communication coming soon!
Notice: I am moving this topic over to my website. If you want to post songs just go here:
weatherman06 wrote:
Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:16 pm
Notice: I am moving this topic over to my website. If you want to post songs just go here:
I checked out your site a few weeks ago. :geek:
Nice site dude. :)
Oh thanks! Your proposal appears constructive and I appreciate the interest in helping other artists. Be tenacious!
I don't have any done track but I have a first steps in score making. This is the link for my works:
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Promoting songs on the forums is certainly necessary, but it seems to me it`s not enough. Although the music itself is great, it`d be nice if these songs got into spotify. Unfortunately, there's a lot of garbage these days that's just hiding under the guise of music. The saddest thing is that it`s performed by the most popular personalities nowadays. Although 90% of what's on the top is just unbearable. It's a pity that because of this trash, it's hard to find really good songs. Anyway, as far as I know, there`s a good service promoting music -- artist pr. I guess for those who post their songs here, it won't hurt.