Can anyone share some tips about how to find inspiration for

Find a song that you like or that inspires you? Post it here.
This is honestly my biggest problem. It becomes tough to create anything that sounds at least decent. Days, weeks, perhaps even months pass and I still can't make a good chord progression or a melody to start a track. It seems like inspiration just comes and goes whenever it wants, but is there a way to make it stay? I've heard a tip that says that I shouldn't listen to ANY music for 12 hours, to refresh myself, but I can't just go through that much time without hearing some music, whether it's on the radio or the TV or wherever. Thanks in advance.
Rameshsalvi wrote:
Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:10 pm
I still can't make a good chord progression or a melody to start a track.
Are you familiar with music-theory? It all starts there!
I shouldn't listen to ANY music for 12 hours
I say: Do listen to music in the genre you like to work in, try to recreate a part of a favourite track.

finally, making instruments, can sometime be inspirational

Besides that, since you are new in Forum
Welcome Rameshsalvi !
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Listen to many songs in the genre you like, but don't listen to too many of them.

Why? Because when to start to like those tunes that you listen too, a bit too much
you'll start to wish that you could make, similar music, beats and melodies heard in those songs.
And when you try to make, similar beats and melodies etc. and realise that it's kinda hard to do
then you might end up, being more demotivated than before. :P

So my advice is to:
Play around with an lmms synth plugin.
Press some random synth keys, until you hear a melody you like.
Learn to make synth sounds etc.

And feel free to check out the Tutorials section, for synth sound tuts
and musical tips and tricks etc.

Also, welcome to the lmms forums Rameshsalvi. :)
Do not hesitate to propose a link to listen to your tracks (in the Music Projects section of the forum), and ask for advice, or specific questions. I think there will always be someone to tell you interesting things :)